A Small Fire Breaks Out On Roof Of Trump Tower In NYC

A tiny glow pennyless out on a roof of Trump Tower in Manhattan on Monday, call a response from a New York City Fire Department.

President Trump was in Washington, D.C., during a time of a fire, The Associated Press reports.

NPR’s Hansi Lo Wang reports that there are no evacuations from a building, according to a orator for a glow department.

However, there were dual injuries — a firefighter perceived a teenager injury, and a municipal is “suffering from a serious, life-threatening injury,” Hansi says.

“The dialect perceived a news of a glow shortly before 7 a.m. Eastern Monday and has sent 84 firefighters to respond,” Hansi says.

The glow was placed underneath control during 8:13 a.m. ET.

ABC News reports that a glow was caused by an electrical box and located in a heating and cooling section on a tower’s roof.

Trump Tower, one of a series of buildings prominently emblazoned with a president’s name, has been a pitch of Trump’s presidency and site of protests given his election. But a boss himself has usually frequency visited his penthouse unit there, preferring to spend time in his Mar-A-Lago resort.

The U.S. Secret Service used to say a authority post within Trump Tower, though a post was relocated to another plcae after disagreements over a terms of a lease.