A Message To Inspire Women To Lead: Own Your Awesome

Soccer midfielder Julie Foudy (right) cheers her teammate, Tiffany Roberts, during a WUSA All-Star Game on Jun 19, 2003 in Cary, N.C.

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Al Bello/Getty Images

Soccer midfielder Julie Foudy (right) cheers her teammate, Tiffany Roberts, during a WUSA All-Star Game on Jun 19, 2003 in Cary, N.C.

Al Bello/Getty Images

People mostly ask me: What’s a best doctrine we schooled after roughly dual decades on a U.S. women’s soccer team?

I’m sincerely certain they wish a tip regulation to winning. Instead, we tell them, a best doctrine we schooled is indeed a tip about life.

And that doctrine came to me while examination my implausible teammates do their thing, on and off a field. Sure, we desired that they were extraordinary athletes, and we were winning World Cups and Olympics together. But we was many tender that they were even some-more extraordinary tellurian beings who led in a accumulation of ways.

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Now that was a finish startle to me — a farrago of caring styles — since we had always suspicion caring was positional. I’d always suspicion caring was a CEO or boss or chairman in a position of power. And honestly, to me that meant a male — since that’s what we was reading about in story books flourishing up.

But my U.S. teammates showed me that caring is personal, not positional. They showed me that reporting your possess caring character is many critical — being authentically you.

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You could be a still personality like Mia Hamm, a outspoken personality like Abby Wambach (or, let’s be honest, “Loudy Foudy”), an romantic personality like Brandi Chastain, a intelligent leader, a nerdy leader, we get it. You only had to find your singular approach, your way. No need to be a luminary or a caring expert, we only had to caring adequate to lift your hand.

Ah, yes, that whole lifting your palm bit. It can be frightful for women.

We adore to make certain all a boxes are checked — that we aren’t only prepared, though over-prepared before we lift a hand. It’s that fortify that we adore many about women, though it’s also what binds us women behind a many since by a time we lift a hand, that event is mostly gone.

Yep, we women are good during underselling ourselves, and not so good during owning a awesome. My proclivity in life is to get all women to unleash that middle force.

Not in a clarity that we have to wear a T-shirt proclaiming your awesomeness, or travel around revelation everybody you’re a explosve diggity, though in a approach that allows us to step out of a comfort zones, mount adult for something or pronounce out for someone.

Whether we commission one chairman or a giveaway world, that is leadership. Because if we can possess my overwhelming — and we can and we can get some-more immature people to do it, too, and afterwards use that to do some good – well, that’s a universe we wish to live in.

So let’s start now shall we? Go on. Go be courageously and fabulously you. Because we can.