89-Year-Old Fats Domino Passes Away


One of stone and roll’s greats has upheld divided during his daughter’s home in New Orleans. Fats Domino was 89 years old.

NPR News reports that he died on Oct. 24, 2017, according to a family friend.  The arch questioner for a Jefferson Parish Coroner’s office, Mark Bone confirmed that Domino died of healthy causes.

The male who brought a universe “Blueberry Hill” was innate Antoine Domino Jr., on Feb 26, 1928.

  1. During his prolonged career as a thespian and musician, he warranted several awards including a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and Rhythm and Blues Foundation Pioneer Award. He was also inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Domino was on a Rhythm and Blues charts 59 times and a cocktail charts, 63, between 1950-63. This man, who usually had a fourth-grade preparation sole some-more than 65 million records.

When he was a immature male he played piano night while operative during a mattress bureau in New Orleans. He began to build his fanbase and his girth started to grow. The bandleader started job him “Fats” when introducing him.

His initial album, “The Fat Man” on Imperial Records was available on  Dec 10, 1949.  He and Dave Bartholomew wrote what is mostly cited as one of a initial stone and hurl records.

Domino and his wife, Rosemary were married 60 years. She upheld divided in 2008. They had eight children. Their daughters were named Antoinette, Andrea, Andonica, Anola, Antione III, Andre, Antonio, and Anatole.

Further information about a commemorative has not nonetheless been released.

By Cathy Milne


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