8-Year-Old Puerto Rican To Trump: ‘Stop Tweeting And Come Help The People’

Yan Anthony Hernandez says he’s vehement for President Trump to come to Puerto Rico to see for himself a repairs from Hurricane Maria left on a island, though he’d also like a boss to “stop tweeting.”

Mandalit Del Barco/NPR

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Mandalit Del Barco/NPR

Eight-year-old Yan Anthony Hernandez has low dimples on any side of his smile. Somehow, he managed to nap by a whirly that roared over his home in Isabela, Puerto Rico. Unlike those vital in wooden houses, his concrete home hold up.

But now, there’s no electricity or cellphone service, and his propagandize is closed. Instead of spending his giveaway time on his Playstation or examination YouTube videos as he customarily does, he’s a small bored.

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His comparison sister Lorainne Goytya, a 20-year-old college tyro study biology, says she misses being means to post photos to Instagram, send Snapchats or content her friends. But she says interesting themselves is a slightest of their worries.

She says it’s formidable not carrying a approach to promulgate with anyone over cheering distance. It took her 9 days to find a rotary phone to call her father in Massachusetts.

“My father told me that a images they were display in a news out there, they were shocking, devastating, we consider no one is alive,” she says.

Apparently, her comparison brother, who is in a Army and formed in Texas, had posted a print of her observant she was missing. So when she finally got to pronounce to her father, “He was crying.”

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Goytya says she worries about him, and hopes to fly off a island to revisit him as shortly as she can.

Meanwhile, she’s operative a overnight change in a preserve during a internal Boys Girls Club, where her mom and stepfather are volunteering too. Yan says they feel safer sleeping there than staying home alone during night in a dark; he worries someone could come and sack them.

Goytya says 10 people roughly died when a diesel generator during a preserve ran out of gas temporarily.

“They were bending adult to oxygen or dialysis machines,” she says. “And they roughly didn’t make it.”

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Yan says he’s vehement for President Trump to come to Puerto Rico on Tuesday to see for himself a repairs from Hurricane Maria. He slaps his face with both hands, like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone, and says “Wow! A so critical chairman from a White House!”

And he has a summary for President Trump:

“Stop promulgation tweets,” he says, “and come assistance a people.”