36 ISIS Militants Died After America Dropped Biggest Non-Nuclear Bomb in Afganistan

On Thursday, US forsaken a biggest non-nuclear explosve ever in a limit area of Afganistan in an try to kill a ISIS militants.

The Defence Ministry of Afganistan has recently pronounced in a speak with media that some-more than 36 ISIS militants who used to censor in a limit side of Afganistan.

They combined that a explosve was in Nangarhar Province tighten to a Afghanistan/Pakistan border.

Another news from a management explains that there were no municipal casualties as usually a terrorists and their ammunition was targeted.

The bomb, MOAB — Massive Ordnance Air Blast, also famous as “Mother of All Bombs” was tested initial in a year 2003 and given afterwards it was never used until Thursday.

President Trump announced a success of a goal on Thursday.